What is OOO Room in Housekeeping? How to deal with this Room?

OOO room in housekeeping

What is OOO Room in Housekeeping?

OOO Room in housekeeping means a room under repair in a hotel. And it stand for OUT OF ORDER.

Housekeeping may take a room out of service and declare it OOO if the room needs major repairs.

It is the responsibility of the housekeeping department to prepare the rooms for repair work by the maintenance department.

How to Deal OOO or Under repair room in hotel?

Take the room out of service, inform the front desk of the OOO room status, and hang the OOO sign on the doorknob.

Remove all guest supplies from the bedroom and bathroom and store them in the floor pantry.


You can remove all soft furnishings from the room and store them in the laundry room. Send washable items to the laundry.

Cover the mattress and bed with sheets large enough to cover the headboard.

Unplug the telephone, wrap it in a cover, label it, and store it on a closet shelf.

Send all easy-to-move furniture, fixtures, and accessories to the pantry or storage for safekeeping, and ensure that all items leaving the room are tagged with the room’s item number from which they were brought.

Cover the largest pieces of furniture left in the room with dust sheets.


Unplug the TV and radio and cover them with large sheets of clear polyethylene.

Send carpets to be shampooed.

Removal of flower arrangements or indoor plants; the latter will be delivered to the horticulturist.

Sealing all taps and sinks other than a single source of water supply.

Close all doors and windows to prevent noise from disturbing other guests. Open the windows to ventilate the room once the repairs are complete.




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