A Detailed Insight on American Service | With Advantages and Disadvantages

American service an Overview

An American Service is very important for your interview or exam point of view. Interviewers may ask you what is American service or any questions about this topic.

So your main goal to learn everything about American service like how service done, advantage, Disadvantages etc.

In this post I will give a detail analysis of American service, so don’t waste time, let’s begin.

American service an Overview

Also called plated service. In this service, the kitchen staff carefully arrange the dishes in the kitchen and place them on the restaurant counter from the right.

This type of service is found in a wide variety of catering establishments and is probably the most common style of food service.


Normally found in restaurants which have a large guest turnover.

It is a quick & simple service. The food is pre-plated in the kitchen & served to the guest from right hand side.

Sometimes food is brought under cloche/plate covers which are removed in front of the guests.

How to Perform American Service

Like in all Service first warm up the guest and give the table to guest.

Reach out guest,  and greet the guest well, ask for water.


Now take the order.

The KOT send to the kitchen.

As I mentioned the this is plated service means all plate ready in kitchen now you serve the guest .

Don’t forget the plate always serve in Right hand side.

So this is the very simple and interesting types of service.

May now you understand about the what is mean by American service.


Following point kept in mind while doing American service

All dishes served on the plate and served from the right side of the guest.

Drinks are also served from the right side.

Clearance is done from the right-hand side

Tray is used to carry cups, bowls, saucers.

While doing this service, move clockwise when you work from right-hand side and counter clockwise when you work from the left-hand side.


  • Service skill is not required.
  • Low labour cost
  • Needs less service staffs
  • Quick service.
  • High seat turnover.
  • Scope for kitchen staff to demonstrate their plating skills maintenance of food presentation and portions.
  • Less capital investment.


  • Like a Gueridon service it is not a  personalized service.
  • Their is high chances of plate wastage.
  • If you are a skilled waiter then their is not  scope to exhibit your service skills.
  • In this types of service food may become cold.
  • More of kitchen time and labour required for preparing this types of service.


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