Standards Lost and Found procedure in Hotel

Lost and found procedure in hotel

All the articles or any things that may have been forgotten by the guest that handed them over to the housekeeping control desk And notice should be given to staff, or staff may hand the article to the control desk.

Before we move forward first understand the what is Lost and found article.

Lost and found article

Any article left behind by the guest in a checkout room or public area is referred to as a “lost and found” article.

In hotel lost and found artificle categories in three different category.

  • Perishable
  • Valuables
  • Non-valuables


It can be raw food materials, cooked food materials, or beverages.



As the name suggests, it is a valuable item that guests may forget in hotels. That includes

Jewellery – Gold, silver, platinum, diamonds etc.

Currency – Indian or any foreign currency

Electronic gadgets – mobile phone, Laptop etc.

Any documents



In this category includes clothes, footwear, books, toys, bags, etc.

Now we come to our topic: how we successfully run the lost and found procedure in hotels.

Lost and found procedure in Hotel

Understand that you received the found article at the housekeeping control desk.

1) Fill in the details in the lost and found log book. And prepare the lost and found form in triplicate. We will see this technique in follow.

2) Original copy of lost and found artificle that we made, it must be kept with the article, which is stored in the lost and found cupboard.

3) Store the found article in an opaque plastic bag with the date of finding and the serial number of the article recorded in the log book.


4) Receive any inquiries about the lost and found artifact.

5) Ascertain enquiry with the register.

6) Once you are satisfied, hand out the item and get the signature of the person picking up the item on the original form. Present the original packing slip and leave a record of the date and time the item was delivered.

7) Duplicate copy – It is sent to the front office department in the hotel and may help answer a guest’s query about the lost article.

8) Triplicate copy – It retains in the lost and found book.

Enquiry about the lost and found article

All enquiries about items missing or lost articles are referred to the housekeeping control desk.

Upon receiving an enquiry from the guest, the control supervisor first checks in the lost-and-found.


register whether such an item is recorded.

If found recorded in the register, the article is then taken out of the cupboard and the guest is

informed that he or she may come to claim the article.

If the guest is in the hotel, he or she is guided to the housekeeping control desk.

On arrival at the desk, the guest is asked to describe the article in detail.

If the description is a satisfactory match, he or she is asked to sign the lost-and-found register,

giving name, address, and telephone number.

The date and time are also recorded.


The article is then handed over to the guest.


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The finder of the article is informed of the same via a formal letter.

When a lost article has been positively identified by an enquirer no longer in residence at the hotel

And it is to be mailed to the enquirer, the article is packaged for mailing by a member of the housekeeping staff in the task.

If article not claimed by the guest

Lost-and-found articles may be stored for 3-6 months by a hotel, depending on the hotel’s policy.

If at the end of this period the article has not been properly claimed by its rightful owner, it will be offers to the finder as his or her personal property via a formal letter.

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